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Calling all geeks! Calling all geeks!

Posted on | June 9, 2010 | 5 Comments

Come in geeks. I’m in need of geekly assistance for I am suffering my own geek-fail.  Mayday!  Mayday!

Why do you say ‘Mayday?’ It’s only a bank holiday. Why not ‘Shrove Tuesday’ or ‘Ascension Sunday?’  Ascension Sunday! Ascension Sunday! The fifteenth Wednesday after Pentecost. [That’s how to get geeks on-side – quote Red Dwarf.]

My site is doing something a little odd. While I’m somewhat au fait with the basic tweakage of the stuff that makes my ones and zeros appear as beautiful works of aesthetic wonder that travel down your internet pipes and splatter onto the back of your screens, the deeper intricacies of the dark CSS and PHP arts are hidden from me.

If, therefore, you have any idea why some single pages of this site seem to render what should be a sidebar as a bottom-bar, I’d appreciate your advice. For reasons unknown, some pages shove the sidebar right down the bottom, under the comments. This doesn’t seem to be related to the post length or number of comments. Nor does it seem related to whether comments are closed or not.  I haven’t been able to figure out a common factor.  Which sucks, really.

This one, this one and this one, for instance, are doing it while this one, this one and this one aren’t.

What’s going on?

The site runs on WordPress. It’s version 2.9 as I haven’t gotten around to going to 2.9.2 yet but, let’s face it, it’s relatively unlikely that’s causing the issue.  A few plugins installed – nothing too odd, I should think – and all at current versions.  If anyone is so bored they want to help and would like a list of plugins or any source files, feel free to shout.

UPDATE: All better now.  The luminescent brilliance of Golden Boy has, er, brilliantly located the problem and it should now be rectified. Brilliant. As you were, geeks. You can go back to installing Linux on everything and porting Doom to run on your mum’s teapot. Thanks.


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Gerry Hayes

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