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Posted on | October 25, 2010 | 3 Comments

I am angry.

Yesterday, my daughter (who’s six years old) took part in a performance staged by the drama group she attends. This group is run by a stage school organisation that has a lot of members around the city. The ages of the kids that attend run from about four to mostly mid-teens. And there are a lot of them

The organisers arranged a relatively large production that included an hour of singing and dancing and then about an hour and a quarter of a panto-esque show. In the weeks before the show, I began having misgivings the more I heard of the scale of this. We had to shell out some money for tickets – more than you might expect as a reasonably large theatre had been organised for the show. OK, they’re kids and it seemed overkill but, as long as they enjoy it, great.

The first, singing and dancing, part was fine. Lots of kids of lots of different ages all doing their thing. A few of the ‘bigger’ numbers and solos seemed to be handled by people I’d have estimated were in their thirties but, for the most part, everyone got a look-in.

After the interval however, there were mostly varying numbers of people in their late twenties and their thirties on stage. Most of them were (I understand) the organisers and teachers. The kids were shooed on a couple of times for token numbers (never with the main, older, cast). The whole thing stank massively of self-indulgance and really, really pissed me off.

I saw it coming. I had a nasty feeling as I learned more in the weeks before the show. It didn’t make me feel better to be proved right though. It was an annoying vanity project. The organisers can happily pad their CVs with it but all it did to my daughter, and, at least, a couple of other kids I know, was piss them off by sidelining them and having them sit around backstage for hours while the grown-ups took in the limelight. She’s six, and there were younger and sadder than her around.

They’re kids. They’d be happy on stage in the local school hall. Don’t drag them around as an excuse to get your lovie on with uninspired and poorly written, sub-panto entertainment. If the kids had performed it, it would have been fine – not so with the ‘grown-ups’.

I’m annoyed. And my daughter’s upset.



Gerry Hayes

Gerry Hayes

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