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How B can you be?

Posted on | October 25, 2008 | Comments Off on How B can you be?

Wow.  Last night, I saw one of the best films I think I ever have.  As part of the IFI’s Horrorthon festival, the inimitable Night Of The Lepus was shown.  Astonishing, simply astonishing.

The plot?  Simple.  Giant killer rabbits terrorise a small town.

Rory Calhoun, Janet Leigh and, a very snappily-dressed DeForest Kelley star (and I do mean star).  Great plot and great dialogue.  Some of my favourite lines:

As Janet Leigh shoots at a giant rabbit that’s attacking a bloke, it scarpers, leaving him all bloody and with shredded clothes.  She rushes to him saying, “It’s ok John, the rabbit’s gone”.

As a white-coated lab guy examined some debris before the rabbits were discovered, he mentioned that it had been gnawed and had traces of saliva.  “Like a vampire?” someone asked him.  “Possibly”, he said.

As a military policeman addressed people at a drive-in movie, “There is a herd of giant, killer rabbits heading this way”.

Overall, it was amongst the funniest films I’ve ever seen and I urge you to see it if you can.  Night of the Lepus, people.  Make it so.

Incidentally though, it was made in 1972 on a very small budget and has a distinct lack of ‘no rabbits were hurt in the making of this film’ disclaimers.  I’m pretty sure there was a rabbit on fire at one point.

Behold, the terror that is Night of the Lepus:


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