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Times are good or bad, happy or sad

Posted on | September 24, 2008 | Comments Off on Times are good or bad, happy or sad

How often do you get to quote Al Green?

So then, the bad news. I didn’t make the next round of the British Short Screenplay Competition. It seems that Branagh (I’m assuming it was him) didn’t like my script. Either that or he was scared by the vast talent evident in every page, line, word and non-breaking space. Yeah, probably scared. I’m quite sanguine – to even have made it to the second round is a reasonable achievement for a newcomer. I think.

The good news: Having entered a very, very short scene into, predictably, a short scene competition being run on one of the more useful (and certainly one of the most prolific) screenwriting blogs, I’ve been shortlisted as one of three scenes for blog patrons to vote on. I’m not publishing a link at the moment as they, quite rightly, want to try limit voting to regular readers rather than having a bundle of blow-ins turning up to ballot-stuff. Should I win, I will receive the princely sum of $25 (hey, it’s a blog, not the bleeding Academy), most likely in book-token form. Old school. Nice.

The indifferent (for a little while at least) news: Yesterday, I posted my submission for the Red Planet Prize. Ten-page extract and one-page outline. I’m happy with my ten pages. Let’s see if Tony Jordan feels the same.

Finally, in anxious news, the Movie Mogul thing will be announced on Friday. My hooks are well and truly tentered at this stage. Go on lads, gimme the gig. Fair warning if I don’t get it: I’ve been saving my faeces and have a large supply of jiffy-bags.


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