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Woah-oh, we’re halfway there

Posted on | September 18, 2008 | Comments Off on Woah-oh, we’re halfway there

Well, thanks in no small part to the weirdos that read this (that’s you, that is), I’ve made it. I remained in the Movie Mogul top ten all through August and am now eligible for the, much more scary, jury round.

The jury are cogitating and contemplating; mulling and meditating. They’re deliberating their pretty little heads off and will have a result on the 26th – next Friday. If you actually voted for me with your real email address, I’m guessing that they’ll announce the results over email. That being the case, you can join me in jubilant triumph or help to contribute to my miserable self-censure. Either way, there’ll be beer involved.

If the results aren’t emailed to those that voted, you can read about my performance here. Unless, of course, I don’t win in which case it will never be spoken of again and I’ll rewrite the blog history to make sure it never happened.

Ref: Jimmy Pages Trousers. Post should read, “No competition entered. Chocolate rations forecast to increase to 25 grammes per week.”

Doubleplus good.

Sincere (really) thanks to those that registered and voted for me. I genuinely appreciate it. I am a little awed by the fact that some nice people, whom I know only from comments and posts, would take the time to do that for me.

Doubleplus good, indeed.


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