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I’ve been as busy as some bees

Posted on | August 18, 2008 | 12 Comments


Last week I wrote the first draft of a short and, oddly enough, I don’t feel the usual burning shame on considering it.  I’m very aware of some rough edges to be knocked off in the rewrites but, overall, I’m actually happy with it.  So far.

More importantly, for me at least, is that a muse has paid me a visit.

For the last month or two, time has been slip-slipping away towards the deadline of the Red Planet Prize – a much-respected TV writing competition thing.   It’s a toughie though.  A 60-minute pilot for something with TV series potential.  As well as the pilot script, the competition also requires an outline of the series it precedes.  That’s big-boy shit and I’ve been pretty much at a loss for anything even remotely resembling an idea since it started.  I didn’t want to stray into the well-worn areas of cops or doctors or adventuring archeologists.  I had considered a show where Robson and Jerome reprise their Soldier, Soldier roles ten years on.  They’re now a duo of mercenaries that travel the world, meting out bloody destruction and soulless covers of sixties classics.  The working title was Crooners Of Fortune.

Last night though, I had an actual idea.  Something that can definitely get me the 60 minutes required but needs some slapping about to give up a series.  I think it’s a runner though (although not a returning series – one-off).  Some initial plotting today and a half-dozen experimental pages to see if the characters have any meat on their bones.  So far, so not-bad.

I am very much on the back-foot in this though, everyone else having had a big head start, but there’s time to get something sorted between now and the end of September.

Also, if you haven’t already, it’d be great if you could go to the Movie Mogul page, register and vote for me, Gerry Hayes.  I’m slipping down the ratings and I need to be in the top ten at the end of the month to go through the the jury round.  It’s all explained here and here.  I’d really appreciate it if you could register and vote – it would genuinely help me out.

Ignominious plea over.  Thanks a lot.


Gerry Hayes

Gerry Hayes

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