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Chicken bandwagon

Posted on | January 9, 2008 | 1 Comment

Huge Firmly-Witterstein has been on the telly for the last two nights showing the masses the horrors of battery chickens and the nasty life they have before they end up in our pots and our poo. Many probably knew this already but fair play to him for trying his best to get people to take notice.

I’ve always liked Firmly-Witterstein. I’ve spent much time dreaming of heading off down the country to become self-sufficient, surviving on home-grown hooves and horns, and Jaffa Cakes fresh from the ground. It is a nice dream. Hugh, of course, now seems to run a multi-national empire of restaurants and shops and probably lives in a solid gold house where he has people in hover-packs to deliver MacGiblet burgers and free-range chicken nuggets. Still, River Cottage global domination and Hugh’s predilection for offal aside, I have a lot of time for him. I like his shows a lot and really hope that he manages to change something with his Chicken Run show.

On the chicken-front, personally, I’d be happy to pay the extra for the free-range fellows, but Mrs. Jimmy Page’s Trousers is a chicken-cynic (and more than a little tight) and has constantly poo-pooed the idea. As she tends to do most of the shopping (and I, the cleaning – I’m a twentieth century man), she usually ignores my pleas for happy chicken, preferring instead the cheap (resisted the ‘cheep’ pun, there), sad birds. She seems to be coming around somewhat after sitting through Hugh’s Chicken Run for the last few nights though. Good news, little chickens.

So then, the Save The Chicken bandwagon (or Chicken Out, as Hugh’s calling it) is one that I’m happy to jump on, and encourage all to do likewise. Off you pop to Hugh’s site and sign the petition thing. A small word of warning: Loud things happen on the site, so turn your speakers down first (especially if you’re in work).

The good thing about this Save The Chicken thing, is that, unlike the Save The Whale or the Save The Giant Squid campaigns, we can still get to eat the delicious little chickens. In fact, it means that they’ll be even more delicious – a happy chicken is a tasty chicken. Everyone’s a winner.


Gerry Hayes

Gerry Hayes

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