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Posted on | September 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Places Where I Virtually Am

I’ve recently been indirectly prompted to resurrect my Tumblr, which has lain dormant for quite a while.

In a massively unoriginal fashion, I’ll be using it as an attractive bucket for dumping some attractive (or freakily random) things I’ve found while wasting time that would be better spent working – what did people do to avoid work before the early ’90s? I just want somewhere to shove this stuff so it doesn’t clog up things here, making the place even more muddled and mental.

Anyway, if you like looking at, or reading about, pretty things or weird things or, occasionally, interesting things (though mostly pretty as I like to play an aesthete), do feel free to drop by for a look-see or even to follow me if you Tumbl (is that the correct verb, it’s so hard to keep up).  You can find me here: Gerry on Tumblr.

Thanks must go to Astrid for, unknowingly, nudging me to get back on the Tumblr horse. Why not follow her spanking, Tube Tales too. Just do me first though, yeah?

For completeness’ sake, I’ve also got a Posterous thing but really only use it as a middleman to get stuff to this blog while I’m out and about. Anything there ends up here whereas I like keeping the Tumblr stuff separated.


Christ, I hope so.


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Gerry Hayes

Gerry Hayes

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