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Surviving Walt

Posted on | May 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Surviving Walt

Made it through my second Disneyland Paris tour of duty. You can forget about firemen or soldiers fighting wars – until you can face down a huge, trundling, simpleton of a woman trying to push her way through the crowds to be at the front for when Pooh Bear’s float goes by, you don’t know true bravery.

My daughter enjoyed it immensely though, and that’s all that’s important.

To be fair, other than daughter’s nosebleed, mid-ride, on some spinny thing (our slasher-movie, blood-stained clothes drew some interesting stares afterwards) it was a relatively incident-free trip .

I did notice some interesting tattoos, though. Disney ones. On adults. Who should really know better.

At breakfast, one day, I spotted a woman who had a young Lion King on her arm. Similar to this:


Later the same day, another woman, this time with a massive dragon tat all over her back.  She displayed it proudly.  It was pretty much the image below, minus the background.


Massive, it was.  Honestly.

I find it weird, but then the world confuses me pretty much all the time.


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