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Filckr Vs. Picasa

Posted on | October 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

The death knell has sounded for flickr.

Its uploader for Mac was buggy – editing anything already typed in the text fields before an upload caused it to go mental and, after every upload, it made me login again.  It limited me to 100M a month, which isn’t too bad on an ongoing basis but my initial surge of photos came to more than that and I’m not willing to fork out for additional space or wait a month to upload another few.  Lastly, and most imortantly, it lacked any decent sorting options – stuff was presented in the order in which it was uploaded and I couldn’t find anything to allow me to sort photos in the order in which they were actually taken.

So then, I am back with the Google chaps.  Picasaweb for me.  Gave me 1GB upfront which means I can actually upload the photos I want to without having to wait for three months.  Granted, if I’d stayed with flickr, in a year, I’d have more space than that but I’m all about the instant gratification, me.  Picasa also allows me to sort things the way I want to and makes it easier to organise photos once they’re uploaded.

To be fair, it’s not perfect.  Flickr was better at easily tagging photos or albums and flickr also has better ‘social-networking’ (possibly in part because it’s the most popular).  I’m not really uploading photos for networking opportunities though, so these weren’t deal-breakers for me.

Also, Picasa doesn’t as yet have that flashy sidebar widget where the images expand and shrink.  Static selection of random images for my sidebar now.  Oh well.

Right; dull and geeky post over with.


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