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Well, someone has to do it yourself.

Posted on | October 12, 2008 | Comments Off on Well, someone has to do it yourself.

I am DIY-Boy again.  The bedroom this time as I continue my quest to make something presentable, and slightly less annoying, out of the odd collection of acute and obtuse angles, shit workmanship and general arse, that the builders piled up and called a house.

There is an ulterior motive.  The previous owner’s carpet was still in the bedroom and, not only does it look a bit shit, I’m convinced that I’ve been walking around on that person’s skin cells and pubes for the last four years.

So then, carpet: gone.  Eeeuughh – nasty job.  In it’s place, a nice solid-wood floor with no place for dust and pubes to hide.  Shitty, sticky-outie wardrobes that the builders hammered to the wall: gone.  Snazzy new ones in a much better position.  A bit of painting left to complete and then, it’s done.  Even without the painting though, l’m markedly happier with the room.  It looks much better and it’s now much more intelligently laid-out.

Worth the hassle then?  Yep.  Mind you, the bathroom is next on the list (not for a couple of months though).  My answer might be different after tackling that.


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