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Posted on | April 13, 2008 | 2 Comments

I feel another semi-drunk stream-of-consciousness post coming on. Can’t be good. Really.

It’s Saturday night though, you see. My wife has popped off to visit her folks and taken my daughter with her. Free gaff! So I made a (spicy as fuck) chilli for dinner and settled down to have a few beers. After watching Pan’s Labyrinth on DVD (really good – really, really good), I’ve ended up watching the poptastic channels.

Had Bonnie Tyler on a few minutes ago. That video with the scary, flying, kid with the shiny eyes. Bleedin’ terrifying. Don’t they know I’m in the house alone?

Whitney Houston. Some set of pipes on her before she got shacked-up, knocked-up, and smacked-up with Bobby. Probably too far off her face to do much these days. I had a bit of a crush on her in the late eighties. Then again, I was in my late teens/early twenties and probably had a crush on everyone.

Four Non-Blondes. Jesus. What’s with the stupid hats and goggles anyway. She looks like some sort of weird cartoon character.

Now we’re talking. Bohemian Rhapsody. What more could a red-blooded, half-pissed man ask for? Not much, that’s what. Maybe a kebab. It’s lucky that those Queen blokes were talented ‘cos they’re not much to look at. A good line in white satin jumpsuits in this video though. Brian May’s got his guitar plugged in with a curly lead. You don’t really get curly leads much any more – for good reason. I kind of miss them though.

Oasis. Oddly, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the video for Don’t Look Back In Anger. I hadn’t realised that poor old Patrick McNee was in it. I could do all the obvious stuff about how Noel nicked his riffs and how Liam’s a wanker but I won’t.

‘Look Back In Anger’ – now there’s a good film. Anything with Richard Burton in it is good by default. And Claire Bloom was a fine-looking woman.

Don McLean’s on now (guess which song). I wonder if they’ll play the whole thing. It seems to be some sort recording of a live show. Huh, they played the whole thing. Who’d have guessed?

Peter Kay. Miming annoyingly to Amarillo. I’d better not get started.

Gloria Gaynor. How does something become a gay anthem? Why is Kylie a gay icon? What exactly is a gay icon? Does my heterosexuality preclude my knowing these things?

Ahhhh, Kylie. Lovely, lovely Kylie.

Bleedin’ Coldplay. Yellow, of course.

Pah, I’m going back to thinking about Kylie.



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Gerry Hayes

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