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Let’s rock

Posted on | January 8, 2007 | Comments Off on Let’s rock

Well, for the next few days, I’m off down the country. My interesting life means that I’ll be helping some friends record an album. Rather than a proper Led Zeppelin style, tiny picturesque cottage in Snowdonia or huge, fuck-off, tumbledown mansion however, I’ll be heading to wonderful, sunny Roscommon and a crappy, rented holiday home in the arse-end of nowhere.

This type of operation was performed before by my talented friends for their first album (sounds damn good and was pretty well received). This time they’ve asked me to pop along with them to help them engineer the thing. This is an overly impressive way of saying that I’ll press buttons, twiddle knobs and poke microphones into places.

I expect that there may well be some drinking involved too. I reckon that we may partake of a sweet sherry or two after a hard day’s recording (rock and roll types, you know) and I look forward immensely to that.

Anyway, I’ll be lucky if they have carrier pigeons where I’m going, much less a high-speed, broadband connection with which to make blog updates so this will be a post-free zone until Saturday or Sunday. Given the pretty sporadic nature of my posting, I doubt anyone will notice. On my return I’ll, no doubt, regale you with tales of groupies, class-A drugs and limos in duck-ponds.

Rock and Roll (I’m making devil’s horn signs with my fingers as I type)


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