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Posted on | December 20, 2006 | 2 Comments

I mentioned my wife and films in a previous post. I thought that I’d expand that and discuss a pet hate of hers when it comes to films however.

She really, really, really hates it when films end. I don’t mean when they finish and the words ‘The End’ (or ‘Fin’ if it’s a posh one) appear on screen. I mean when they don’t come to an obvious conclusion with all threads nicely sewn up.

As an example, we watched Broken Flowers the other night. I liked it a lot. Bill Murray stars and makes a bit of a study in stillness which was refreshing. Anyway, after watching it for 90-odd minutes, the film ended without answering a couple of questions that were posed throughout (sorry if this is a spoiler – if it is, it’s not a really bad one). Personally I quite liked the lack of a ‘Hollywood-Happy-Ever-After’ ending but I knew that my wife wouldn’t be keen. Sure enough, she expressed her displeasure wholeheartedly.

Another example was Lost in Translation. I know that’s two Bill Murray movies. I’m not stalking him or anything – it’s just another example that I’ve thought of. At the end (another spoiler) where Bill whispers to Johanssen but we don’t hear what’s said… Man, did she hate that (the missus, not Ms. Johanssen).

Basically, she considers it a cheat. If she’s sat for 90 minutes or more, she wants a pay off. She needs the money-shot to bring it all together. I like the non-Hollywood endings and they’re even more enjoyable if I’ve watched the film with my wife. Bring on the rant.


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